DJ Benji

Craig Benjamin originally from chatham in Kent, has been into music pretty much all his life. My great grandfather used to play the organ at his local organ club. His parents would always play vinyl’s from the 70’s and 80’s and both his uncles were into playing guitar and synthesizers’.
I was shown scratching by one of his dads friends but was told never to do it because it would ruin the records, but then after seeing a DMC routine on TV show to him by one of his uncles I tried to copy them anyway. I got seriously into DJing in secondary school around 1997 hanging around after school at a friends house messing around trying to mix and scratch with hip hop and jungle, with other friends rapping on the mic.
I quickly got hooked on the art of mixing and began to spend his money on records. When I was younger I would practice all the time and make a new mixtape every couple of weeks and beg his mates to listen.
After a few years practice people started to really like the mixtapes and at a friends house party someone suggested he try get a club night as a DJ.
I have DJed at quite a few places over the years big and small, here in the UK Ibiza and Tenerife.
More recently I was one of the resident DJs at the gallery nightclub in my local town Maidstone.
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