Having been into the Happy hardcore Scene, attending the likes of Dreamscape.
Helter Skelter, Tasmania and Hardcore Heaven.
I Purchased my first set of Soundlab belt drive turntables in 1996.
Collecting Happy Hardcore and Jungle Records. (which I now regret selling)
Playing at many youth clubs around Kent and some under 18 events.
Then in 1999 I won a competition on Pete Tongs’s BBC Essential selection Radio Show.
The prize was a set of Technics 1200 MKII’s and a mixer.
Still using the same set today.
Music taste transitioned into Trance and House on the turn of the Millennium.
Remained a bedroom DJ as real life took over……… until Covid Lockdown, where I started regular streaming on the Trance Addicts Twitch events.
My Love of Dance music is ongoing, ranging from 90’s house, through Trance, Techno, Drum& Bass and Hardcore. (although Trance music makes up most of my record collection)
Really enjoyed playing some tunes for Paradox over the last 18 months. Looking forward to doing some more.
Big Up Paradox Crew!
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