Mista Jay


Old bloke who was brought up on reggae music from a toddler and still love reggae today.

 As a teenager the rave seen broke out into the UK in fields, warehouses ect. which I totally loved and at that time I was already throwing reggae parties in quarries and acid house parties in Squats and on Camber Sands beach so started partying at the raves and we also used to hold a few small dos ourselves in clubs

I started playing the decks in 89 when my mate would let me on his decks lol and my love of playing music just keeps growing, we were playing out at local venues such as the Hill Top, Weirton Manor, Atomics, Feast of Friends, Banks and just having fun trying to make some tunes and generally enjoying life with the help of music.


Now days I still play for fun and make a few tunes now and again, just recently I have started remixing dub reggae which is great fun

I have tons of vinyl mainly house ranging from 1986-1997 and a lot of hardcore on vinyl around 1991 era, most of the new tunes I buy now are all digital unfortunately but it is what it is.

I also have a lot of reggae on vinyl 

I still buy old tunes on vinyl to add to my collection 

Generally  I play house and some deep house.

I also play old skool rave and early house


Mista Jay


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