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Founder / Promotor
The Captain of  PARADOX 106.2 & 106.6 FM Radio &
www. paradoxfm .com
Based in Kent.
Age 53.
From the Early 80s I was Musically into the early Hip Hop & Rap Music  – Streetsound Electro Old Skool Breakdancing roots.
My Favorite eras was in 1988 Acid House Music & Early House & Garage and Old Skool Hardcore & Techno Music Early 1990s.
DJ.Tunes Bias is 1990 Era Old Skool Ravers Tunes including Breaks , Bass & Bleeps , Early Hardcore & Techno beats.
I helped & promoted Old Skool Party’s in the Early 90s with Buffalo & Nicky Blackmarket  called – Direction in Maseys & Los Locos Soho, Ruby’s in Carnaby Street and The Embargo in Kings Road London  & also with Worldance back in the day.
Also Organised and promoted Paradox FM Party’s @ Wierton Manor, Atomics,  The Barn Hildenborough,  Hilltop Hotel, Voques, Banks, Social Chill Bar & many other venues and new ones coming up in 2023 booked.
Started up PARADOX 106.2FM Pirate Radio in the Early 90s Based in Maidstone, Kent ,UK covering the local Maidstone areas.
After a brief time Paradox 106.2FM was Off Air because of the DTI Radio Authority Pirate Radio Raid / Bust on us, We started up On Air again with bigger FM Transmitters and links and alot Higher Up on the Top of the North Downs in Kent and PARADOX 106.6FM Radio was Reborn again covering much of Kent South East London and parts of Sussex &  Essex in the UK.
Then We Started Live Stream broadcasting in North London with Tornado Networks Real Audio Live Streaming Server providers on Paradox in the mid 90s in the Real Audio Music Streaming Format we was one of the first Dance Music Radio Stations to do it back then…..
 since 2021 we are broadcasting live Streaming – Festivals , Events , Parties including International DJ Studio Live Shows every week on streaming diferent styles of Dance Music in mp3 format  and we are organically growing with  our listenership and DJ portfolio every week.
Thankyou to all our Paradox FM &DJs & Crew and especially our Listeners who lock in to us evert week… Keep it Locked .
Mac Paradox
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Paradox Founder/Owner