Started DJ’ing way back around 1990 on basic belt drive turntables with a home-made pitch until I had saved enough to purchase my 1210’s.

I got them second hand, one at a time.

During my time playing I have been through most of the genres of electronic dance music, starting with Hardcore, Jungle onto Garage and then Trance and then Drum & Bass which is where I am at now ever since about 1995

I do lots of live shows from my Facebook pages, I owned and ran ‘Bassment Sessions’ for 3 years. I still play all the genres but DnB is my main genre.

I am a Vinyl & Digital DJ with residencies at LifeFM and Code Red Radio and played at FlexFM early 2023 alongside many other internet stations that I guest with as well as my bi-monthly record shop takeovers at Intense Records where I bring new upcoming vinyl DJs to spend a day playing live in the shop like old times.

I have played at a lot of clubs and bars in my time. I was the winner of ‘Kiss Fm’ London’s Midnight mix competition back in 2010 and got to play in their studio in London. Recently came 3rd in the Mixmaster UK final 2022 and the only vinyl DJ to make it that far winning a set of brand-new Red Bull 1210MK7Rs and now run a 3rd red bull deck in my sets alongside my cdj3000s
I also produce my own music with some out for general release.

I am currently sponsored by Mixmasters, Intense Records and 24Karat records, YeahYou artists and QueenB productions



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