Originally from Maidstone now living in Adelaide South Australia.

Started going out in town to youth clubs and discos (Howard De Walden, Trinity disco) then started to go to the Kent Hall, Mondays and Saturdays.

I think it was there that my love for house music starred, the tune that had me hooked was Russ Brown’s “find a way” from them on I was buying music and digging the scene, before we knew it Acid house was born and we were frequenting the likes of Vienna’s and Gabriel’s while trying to find out where the real parties were.

A few years on and while sitting in the Plantation pub in Bearsted’s beer garden Jay Smith, Mac, Pete Saunders and myself had a discussion about starting up a pirate radio station.

The next week Smithy and I were in the same garden and Mac and Pete appeared with the windows down on a motor with a test transmission playing from a transmitter that had built.

This was the beginning of something that Maidstone truly needed!

I played a few sets at St Luke’s road, then one Saturday it got raided as I was about to go on, as I drive around the corner I witnessed a sea of blokes in suits and old bill and a pair of feet disappearing over the back wall! I just drove past.

Things got going again from a bedsit near Haynes then a shed in Detling and the excitement never stopped. Fast forward to 3 years ago and good friends Spencer and Stacey started up vinyl countdown out of lockdown boredom and I had to be part of it.

I don’t really consider myself a DJ and I’ll be the first to admit my mixing isn’t the best, but I love house music and paying my tunes to who will listen.

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