The Hitman

From boy to man music has always been part of the Hitman.
Had my first set of technic 1210s at 17 years old.
Back in the day (my early 20s)
I started to do little gigs in local venues of various genres of house music.
Was London born and bread,
and was out in full in the late 80s, 90s and 2000 when clubbing was really kicking off . . .
In the most recent years I’ve been playing mainly on Pirate and online Stations Broadcasting out of Dublin Ireland and globally.
I play most genre of house music,
and have few tubs of old school vinyl to say the least.
But its not just mixing tunes that the Hitman is about ,
I also sing and song write and play the ukulele/ and a little harmonica.
Used to do backing singing in a band and have also released two Poetry books on amazon.
You see Life’s about being creative and doing things out side your comfort Zone.
So tune into the number one station Paradoxradio
And let us take you all on a journey . .
As music connects us all . .
From the old to the young
The past to the present . . .
Music is magic . . .
Music creates memories . . .
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